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Primary Care Physician & General Practitioner located in Culver City, Los Angeles, CA

Hypertension Specialist

Diagnosing and treating hypertension is important for decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease and organ damage. Dr. Villagomez provides comprehensive care to identify hypertension in patients in Culver City, Los Angeles, CA, and develop custom treatment programs to decrease associated health risks.

Hypertension Q & A

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is more commonly known as high blood pressure. Blood pressure is a measurement of the pressure your blood exerts on the walls of your blood vessels as it circulates through your body. When pressure is high, it cans damage your vessels and your organs, as well as increase your risks for certain diseases or problems such as heart attack and stroke. Pressures above 120/80 mm Hg are considered to be high for most adults; however, that value can change based on age and other factors.

How is high blood pressure diagnosed?

High blood pressure is diagnosed using a blood pressure cuff, a band that fits around your arm and is slowly inflated and then deflated. Both systolic (pressure while your heart is beating) and diastolic (pressure between beats) are measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).

What are the symptoms of hypertension?

High blood pressure typically causes no noticeable symptoms, and many people don't know they have high blood pressure until it's picked up during a medical exam or they experience a negative effect such as a heart attack or stroke. Having regular medical exams is critical for evaluating your blood pressure and your risk for cardiovascular conditions.

How is hypertension treated?

Dr. Villagomez will review lifestyle changes you can make to help lower your blood pressure, but when those changes aren't enough, medication can be used to help keep your blood pressure under control.

What can I do to lower my blood pressure?

The most important things you can do to lower your blood pressure are:

  • see the doctor regularly
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • follow a healthy diet
  • limit salt intake
  • get regular exercise (The American Heart Association recommends at least a half hour of exercise five days a week to lower your risk of heart disease.)

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Sana Medical accepts all PPO Insurance available in California and will continue to accept Medicare/Medi-Cal and Medicare only patients.

Public Insurance:
Medicare Only
Medicare / Medi-Cal

We currently accept HMO insurances with patients in Medicare Advantage, HMO Medi-Cal, HMO Commercial Plans. Be aware that some insurance products may not be offered in all HMO plans so you must verify prior to adding a particular HMO IPA. For example Anthem HMO commercial plan may be offered but exclude its Senior Secure Plan in the same IPA.

We accept the following HMO IPA Medical Groups:

IPA Medical Groups:

  • Angeles IPA
  • Cal Care IPA
  • Community Family Care IPA
  • EHS Employee Health Systems IPA
  • Exceptional Care Greater Los Angeles IPA
  • Global Care Medical Group IPA
  • Premier Physicians Network IPA
  • Primary Care Associates IPA
  • Prospect Health Source IPA
  • Regal Medical Group IPA
  • St. Vincent IPA

Please be aware that at any given time some IPA’s may cancel and or add insurances at will and the information above can be incorrect but we try to provide the most up to date information as of August 2013.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Anthem Blue Cross of California
Assurant Health
Blue Cross
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Shield of California
Health Net
Molina Healthcare

Words from our patients

  • Yelp

    "Dr. Villagomez is a great doctor with great bed side manners. He took his time, wasn't in a hurry, and was very thorough in asking questions and making a diagnosis."

    Perry K.
  • Yelp

    "I've been seeing Dr. Villagomez for about 6 years now and he's great! The experience is very personable and never feels rushed which is extremely important."

    Liz J.
  • Patient Fusion

    "The customer service that I received in the last two visits have been phenomenal. Dr. Villagomez is awesome and so is his staff."

    Verified Patient
  • Patient Fusion

    "Dr. Villagomez was very thorough and informative in diagnosing my situation. It's an a pleasure to have him as my primary physician."

    Verified Patient
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